Mexico City, August 6th, 1997

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1 - Real Audio - SIGHTINGS ON THE RADIO - October 5, 1997
Brit/Lee Elders; Jim Dilettoso: Mexico UFO Technical Video Analysis
2 - Real Audio - SIGHTINGS ON THE RADIO - November 11, 1997
Brit/Lee Elders: Mexico UFO Technical Video Analysis

      On August 6th, 1997, a UFO seen by many witnesses in Mexico City and was caught on tape by one of these witnesses (who used a Sony Digital Camera). The UFO looks like a flying saucer as described by many UFO viewers. The day was said to be very hazy and no aircraft were cleared to depart except for two news helicopters.
      The video was recieved by Jamie Maussan who later broadcast it. The 24 second tape was seen by millions of viewers worldwide. It was then taken to a video analysis company in Phoenix and Jim Dilettoso, who had viewed over 5000 other UFO videos, believed it was the best he had ever seen. But see for youself by downloading the Quicktime (.mov), 4.4 MEG video online.