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Two Interviews with Bruce Cornet
The first interview is broken into 2 real media files. The second is all in one file.

Bruce Cornet July 28, 2002 Part 1
Part 2

Bruce Cornet - August 25, 2002 - Detail on 1981 Wellsite Incident
(due to a technical glitch, a few minutes of this interview are missing)


Links from Bruce's Web Site

Transformation Phase

  1. The Transformation Not an illusion, delusion, misidentification, or hoax.
  2. The Performance Several AOP put on performance for Sightings TV crew.
  3. Manta Ray Animated gif for The Performance.
  4. Another Performance The Manta Ray came to Red Bank, NJ.
  5. Swamp Gas For those who think they are smarter than the skeptics.

The Integration Phase

  1. The Illusion Our best pilots probably couldn't do this.
  2. The Cemetery Sighting "Oh sure!" Can airplanes do this?
  3. The Martin Story Dozens of AOP descend into hillside.
  4. The Escort Paced for 72 miles on highway - with pictures.
  5. The Snaking Manta Fly-By Pilots would lose their license for this stunt.
  6. Weird Sound A busy night at the hotspot.
  7. Light Show How good is your perception?
  8. Plasma Orbs Scientific data and analysis.
  9. The Experiment Documentation of unknown technologies.
  10. ETI Communication If here, how would ETI communicate?
  11. Jibe Not No Paul, that's not correct.
  12. The signal Was it "Good-bye" or "Hello"?
  13. It's Happening Again! The Pine Bush Phenomenon is not dead.
  14. The Laser Beam AOP Encounter Conventional technology caught in the act?
  15. The Vortex Do interdimentional portals really exist?
  16. The Passion of Bonnie A possible link between life, death, and ETs (last page).

The Extrapolation Phase

  1. Does the United States Air Force have a Cloaking Device? How much do you know?
  2. Mimicry may be the Objective of ETI Triangular and Diamond-shaped Probes
  3. Creationists think that humans walked with dinosaurs based on controversial fossil footprints, while vertebrate paleontologists refute the possibility. Could there be a third explanation?
  4. The Pine Bush Boomerang Is this the famous Westchester Boomerang reported in the 1980's?