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Jakob Nielsen

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Jakob Nielsen
Cybercity Hour 3
July 14, 2002

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Jakob's bi-weekly column on Web usability

Making the Physical Environment Interactive (August 5)
Tiny motors and sensors will make physical objects interactive and create a renaissance for gestural user interfaces. As interface design moves from the screen to the material world, the need for simple, easy to use designs will only increase.

Becoming a Usability Professional (July 22)
User Empowerment and the Fun Factor (July 7)
Improving Usability Guideline Compliance (June 24)

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Children and senior citizens: age-specific usability
Intranet Design Annual: 10 best intranets
E-commerce usability: 207 design guidelines
Users with disabilities: 75 usability guidelines
PR area of corporate sites: designing for journalists
Site map usability

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Homepage Usability: 50 Websites Deconstructed

Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity

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Nielsen Norman Group offers usability reviews, keynote speeches, workshops and seminars, user testing (international and domestic)

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Japanese Flash Applications Wanted for User Testing

We are researching how people use Internet-based applications and functionality built in Flash; the goal being to derive the guidelines for designing applications and tools in Flash.

We are not looking at traditional multimedia content or splash intros - only "good" Flash that provides utility to users.

Examples: configurators, layout planners, home banking, calendars, e-commerce, reservation systems, interactive maps, Web-based training.

Usability Test Status
 USA: completed
 Europe: completed
 Asia: Tokyo tests in planning stage

Please send us pointers to good Flash applications in Japanese that we might test in Tokyo.

To nominate a Japanese Flash design for testing, email Lena Miyamoto at Nielsen Norman Group: (feel free to write in Japanese).

Thank you to everybody who sent us examples of Flash applications. No more examples are needed for the current research project, except for Japanese designs.

The first public presentation of the usability guidelines for Internet-based applications will be at the Macromedia developer conference at Disney World, October 27, 2002.
Early Bird registration deadline: August 27

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