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A Long Time Observer of the UFO Sighting Phenomena Shares His Conclusions

Forty years of study and discussions with almost every living and deceased expert on the UFO subject has lead me to this:

There is definitely a real phenomena of an unknown type of lights and craft-like objects which appear in the skies across our world, but we, (including governments), don't know what it is, and we  know very little about it, but, we know enough of this phenomena to be certain it warrants extensive, well-funded scientific research.

Yet still, no scientist can come before his peers and be taken seriously.  This bizarre prejudice is carved into the stone gates of the knowledge keepers.  These are the same servants of humanity who are allowed to get headlines for purveying seemingly outlandish, even absurd, possibilities, except for the fact they describe a quantum universe where anything is possible.

Knock, knock, is anybody there?  Is anybody home? We live in a quantum universe, remember?  Afterall, you guys discovered it.  In quantum terms, in a quantum universe, a UFO is not such a big deal and it's not even so weird as half the things you tell us about.

So get off your high f-ing horse and and get people some information about something we really want to know.  Need I remind you that our taxes pay your salaries.  We're not stupid.  There is some fantastic evidence available to you from commercial and military pilots, radar operators and thousands of intelligent citizens of the world who did not misidentify the planet Venus.

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The Very Best Evidence It is a Real Phenomena


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"The best and most important book ever written
on the UFO subject " ---- Jack Landman

"Here is a book to intrigue both non-technical and more mechanically inclined UFO enthusiasts. Without making a case for the origins of UFOs, Hill argues that their functionality is feasible by applying established principles of physics to existing reports in which an amazingly consistent UFO behavior has been described. In language which is technically sound, but not so advanced that the layman could not understand, Hill works out several possible propulsion systems for these mysterious craft"


Paul Hill was a well respected NASA (NACA) scientist when, in the early 1950s, he had a UFO sighting. Soon after he built the first flying platform and was able to duplicate the UFO's "tilt to control maneuvers".

For the next 25 years he acted as an unofficial clearing house at NASA, collecting and analyzing sightings' reports for physical properties, propulsion possibilities, dynamics, etc.

After his retirement from NASA he completed this remarkable work which demonstrates that UFOs "obey, not defy, the laws of physics". One day he will be regarded as one of the most important voices to be heard on the UFO subject.

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Mystery Machines Over Virginia is Carl Lynch's clear video of an unexplained craft.

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7. NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER - The de facto world reporting center for phenomena described as "UFO" phenomena.

8. UNKNOWN COUNTRY - Whitley Streiber's web site.  He is tuned in and often the first to know.  The Matt Drudge of paranormal phenomena.

9. FILERS FILES - The web site of the top reporter on UFO sightings.

This is an artisit's conception of galaxy C153. It plows through the heart of a distant galaxy cluster at 4.5 million MPH

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The Amazing Carter Copter

Interview with Jay Carter

carter copter

See the Lightning Field

lightning field

The State of the Legality of File Sharing - Music, Movies and More

First Photo Ever of Earth from Mars Surface... Just A Tiny White Dot

Explosions in front of the Griffith Observatory
Griffith Planetarium Director, Ed Krupp, sent us his photo of Hollywood pyrotechnics in front of the observatory, from the set of Charlies Angels 2.

Remarkable Radar Image of
Hurricane Frances Covering Florid


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Seth Shostak - Senior Astronomer SETI Institute


Steve Kates - NASA Ambassador, Sky and Space Educator

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Amantha - KIDS-I-VU

The World's Best UFO Hunters:
A New Breed With Camera in Hand Are Capturing the Most Important Video of Our Time
- Each of these young men is helping to provide the evidence which will finally make the breakthrough in understanding the UFO mystery.  Through considerable personal sacrifice, and with no expectation of reward or glory, these men are doing the hard work to make the truth accessible.

Paul Spera
New Hampshire
UFO Hunter

Jeff Willes - Phoenix, AZ

Rich Giordano - Phoenix, AZ

Rob Kritkausky - Phoenix, AZ

Mark Olson - Sonora, CA

Brian Vike - The #1 Messenger & Source of UFO Communication

Mexico UFO 2004

One of the All-Time Classic Books on the UFO Phenomena, Written in 1956 by Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt, Air Force Project Blue Book Director, 1951 - 1953,
Presented in Its Entirety
on the Web

June 14, 15, 16 of 2004
Phoenix UFO Video



mufontennessee.org  -K im Shaeffer
HBCCUFO.com - Brian Vike
- Seth Shostak
JNEIL.tv - Neil Schulman
SHROUD.com - Barrie Schwortz
SIMONMARKS.com - Simon Marks
ROSWELLRODS.com - Jose Escamilla
FORESIGHT.org - Doug Mulhall
STEPH7.net - Stephanie Stevens
RICHANDERS.com - Rich Anders
WORLDBLEND.net - Rob Kritkausky

Mexican Military
UFO Encounter, 3/2004

Best Evidence Ever For UFOs? More

A Mundane Explanation for the Mexico Military UFOs...Sounds Good, But..




J. Neil Schulman's "I Met God" Released as Audio Book

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