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Jack Landman Bio  

 About Jman5 Jack Landman

In 1996, Jman5 Website Services began offering search engine optimization (SEO) and search marketing, website traffic meaurement and visitor analysis and web usability testing.


A Qualified Google Adwords Professional

Jman5 is now certified as a Qualified Google Advertising Professional.

With almost ten years of experience, Jman5's focus is on results: higher natural search rankings, more traffic and directing website visitors to take desired actions, such as completing forms and making purchases.  In other words, Jman5 shares the same goals as its customers.

QUESTIONS - The Jman5 approach to the web is centered on several questions:

  • Who comes to visit web sites?
  • From where does the visitor come?
  • Can the potential visitor find the web site? How?
  • Can a potential visitor "stumble" across the website making a general search?
  • How and why do they choose the web sites they visit?
  • What makes the visitor stay or leave a web site?
  • How does a website get visitors to complete a desired action?
EXPERTISES - Those questions have lead to a set of expertises, which include:
  • Web Metrics and Visitor Analysis
  • Web Usability Testing and Research
  • Search Boxes, Online Surveys and Listservers
  • Search Engine Marketing
    • Keyword Research and Analysis
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Search Engine Submissions
    • Natural Search and Free Search Engine Infrastructure
    • Paid Inclusion Engines
    • PPC, Google Adwords. Overture

PROCESS - The development of these skills has evolved into a process, which over time, has proven to produce the best results, typically, the following are done before initiating any new production:

  • A brief survey of the client’s previous web site experiences and expectations is administered to appropriate personnel (see example)
  • Baseline metrics on current web site visitor activity are extracted from existing logs or a new tracking script is implemented for two weeks
  • An initial report on search engine positioning for the web site’s most important keywords and keyword phrases is produced
  • An initial web site visitor profile is developed to the extent possible
  • The two or three things most visitors to the web site want are determined to the extent possible
  • The extent to which the client could be successful using sponsored results programs like Google Adwords is determined
  • Web usability factors are tested. The key individuals and groups who comprise the web project team – the client, consultants, designers, application developers and client’s IT staff (if applicable) meet to review the data, and formalize timelines, deadlines, and opportunities for web usability testing, which allow time to implement their results.

Jack Landman Background Highlights in Addition to Web and Internet Related

  • Over 25 years of professional marketing and film and television production experience
  • For past 7 years has produced and hosted the radio talk show, “Cybercity
  • Honors Graduate and Instructor, Trinity University, JBF & History of Religions
  • Produced and directed over 200 television commercials
  • Produced and directed 12 documentary films, including International Festival of the Americas Winner, “Newton Boys: Portrait of an Outlaw Gang
  • Owner/Operator of 10 Store North Texas Video Retail Chain, Take It Home Video in the 1980s, to this he credits his keen retail sense.